In Office Massage

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Massage & Bodywork

$85 for 60min, $120 for 90min, $165 for 120min

Includes Custom Integrated work = a combination therapy that may use any of the following techniques: Swedish, Deep tissue, sports massage, stretching, shiatsu, acupressure, neuromuscular therapies, hot & cold therapies, aromatherapy, energy work, reflexology points, & sage smudging. This therapy is customized to each individuals needs & pressure preference.

I typically prefer working with 60minutes minimum per session. Custom Integrated massage can be combined with a 30minutes of Tuning Fork Therapy, Integrated Reflexology or Reiki.

*60min Custom Integrated massage + 30min Integrated Reflexology =

my most popular combination!

Other (stand alone) therapies offered...

Tuning Fork Therapy® (30min add-on or 60min service)

Integrated Reflexology™ (30min add-on or 60min service)

Reiki (30min add-on or 60 min service)

Lymphatic Drainage (90min minimum service time suggested)

Prenatal (60-120min service ~ custom massage with prenatal precautions;

>>>For all Prenatal clients: *I require authorization from the treating physician/midwife before the first appointment. This provider consent is especially important if you are considered to have a High Risk Pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy.

~Enhance your Massage with an Add-On~

*in office only*

Aromatherapy Infused Hot Stones- $20

Add aromatherapy infused hot stones to your full body massage to achieve that next level of relaxation and peace. These smooth, weighted tools work as an extension of my body to release muscle tension with ease. The working stones (in my hands) and placement stones (lay on the body) will transport you to to pure bliss.

Choose your Aromatherapy : Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Rosemary

The stones do take about 2 hours to heat properly, so advanced notice is required for this service.

Fire & Ice Stone Massage - $25

Have you ever jumped from the hot tub to the pool then back to the hot tub? Remember how invigorating that felt? The idea behind the fire & ice stone massage is the same. Heat opens blood capillaries, promoting an increase of blood & nutrient flow to & from tissues. Cold closes blood capillaries, promoting the removal of toxins & debris from tissues. In this service, I use hot stones to open & relax your soft tissues, then cold to flush them and end with hot again to replenish your cells with refreshing nutrient filled blood. This service is designed to promote detoxing needs, relax soft tissue, stimulate blood flow, and sooth mind & body.

Because I am frequently switching working tools, I recommend a 90 minute service for optimal relaxation.

2 hour notice is required for this service.

7-in-Heaven Mini Face Glow - $10

Plus Sheet Mask - $20 >Client Favorite<

Hot and cool towel wraps, face cleansing, gentle skin peel, toner & moisturizer with stimulating & relaxing face massage.

I start with warm towels and a pineapple enzyme or coconut milk face cleanser (Alba Botanical Hawaiian line). I also use a gentle home-made apple cider vinegar, green tea, and aloe face peel, hibiscus toner, followed by a face massage using a home-made organic olive oil/coconut oil moisturizer (infused with tea tree oil, lavender, and lemongrass). I conclude the service with a cool towel spritzed with refreshing rosewater.

Add an *Alba Botanica Face Mask for $5 or a **100% Pure Sheet Mask for $10.

If you have an extra $20, the Face Glow plus Sheet Mask is the perfect way to treat yourself and your skin! This enhancement is highly raved about by my clients and once they try this upgrade it often becomes part of their wellness routine.

This service is built right into your session and will result in a slight extension of your total service time; just let me know you want to add it before we get started!

*Add an Alba Botanica Face Mask

Pore-fecting Papaya Enzyme Mask

Alba Botanica Hawaiian products: hypo-allergenic, mostly organic, 100% vegetarian ingredients, no animal testing & made in the U.S.A.... and that you can feel good about!

**Add a 100% Pure Sheet Mask

>Client Favorite<

Deep Hydration

Collagen Boost

Wrinkle Smooth


(specific Sheet Mask currently offered based supplies)

100% PURE® isn’t just our name. Or just our ingredient list. 100% PURE is a commitment to producing the purest, healthiest products and educating everyone on why being 100% PURE® is so important. We strive to live with compassion, kindness and empathy; to be environmentally sustainable and to improve the lives of 6 billion people and animals while also being charitable and giving back to our global community.

Cold Stone & Green Tea Face Massage- $10

Conclude your massage with a soothing cold stone massage with added organic green tea eye pads. Helpful for reducing puffiness and firming skin, plus it feels great, especially on a hot summer day.

Full Body Exfoliation- $5

Treat your skin right! Before your massage, I prepare your skin for maximum hydration. I use a dry scrub glove to exfoliate dead skin cells. I scrub you down, from neck to feet. This treatment helps to increase surface circulation, removes dead, rough skin, and prepares your skin for maximum hydration. Your skin will feel smooth, silky, shiny & renewed.

*Suggested combo ~ Coconut Oil Body Massage

Organic Coconut Oil Body Massage - $5

Possibly the most nourishing, antioxidant rich oil we know of. Promotes healthy skin and soft tissue healing. Add organic coconut oil to your full body massage.

Read about the benefits of coconut oil here

*Suggested combo ~ Full Body Exfoliation

Detoxifying Warm Foot Bath - $10
Start your Integrated Reflexology™ session with a warm water foot soak in Epson salt, green tea, and the essential oils of lavender, tea tree, rosemary & peppermint. This soothing soak will help draw impurities from your body as well as freshen & relax tired feet.
*Suggested combo ~ Integrated Reflexology

Pet Therapy - Free with your service

My girl, Penny will bring a welcoming, warm, calming energy to your appointment. All of our dogs have brought many smiles and special moments to many clients over the years. Animals have a special way of encouraging you to let go of whatever is weighing you down and instead refocus our energy on the present moment. Penny will surly bring you joy & enhance your massage experience just by being in the room.

Out Call Massage - In home / In office

I bring everything to you!

Experience the benefits of massage & bodywork from the comfort of your home. Out-call appointment availability is very limited. Bookings may need to be set a month in advance.

Out call work usually has to be scheduled outside regular office hours and/or on my days off. Prices reflect this extension of my business hours.

Table Massage - starts at $120 for 60 min

Your custom massage includes a heated table (as long as an outlet is available) and (optional) Aromatherapy/smudging

60 minute minimum booking per person.

90min - $180

120min - $240

~Price varies depending on travel distance/time required.

~Appointments scheduled for 8pm or later or on my scheduled days off are subject to an additional charge.


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