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Pay it Forward Campaigns

Be Well Professional Therapy has been a proud supporter of Three Square, Las Vegas' largest food bank, since 2009.

We love helping our favorite animal sanctuaries.

We have become very close with the founders/caretakers and rescued residents of both

Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary (in Paso Robles, California) and The Surf and Turf Sanctuary (in Gig Harbor, Washington). We adore these two sanctuaries (and many more) for the tireless work they do day in and out for the animals. Visiting and volunteering at these sanctuaries has provided us insight, education, personal experience & growth. Through these visits, we've been gifted profound relationships with the humans who dedicate their lives to operating these safe havens as well as the rescued residents themselves. We are proud to be able to offer support financially and by volunteering our time or talents.

We are also exposing ourselves to local animal sanctuaries in and around the Las Vegas valley. These include Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary, One Family Animal Sanctuary,

Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary, and several other small-scale but big-heart rescue groups close by.

Thank you for your dedication to the animals!

Please consider a donation.